Empowering Miners and Mining Rennaissance in Nigeria


Derivation Principle

Do you understand what the Derivation Principle is all about?

Mining in Nigeria

State Control as an Alternative

Your State Should Control Your Local Resources
Every state is blessed with immense mineral and other resources! Every state has enough to launch into prosperity. Japan and some of so-called Asian tigers hardly started with potentials that most states in Nigeria have. Over the years, systemic deceptions and blights - ranging from the euphoria of 1980s oil glut to ethnic rivalries, inefficient military governments, economic mismanagement, deliberate misinformation and ignorance - have prevented Nigerians from optimally exploiting all that they are blessed with.

The Pledge

Nigeria (surface area: 923,800 sq. kilometers; population: 129.9 million) 1 is an immensely mineral rich country with every state liberally endowed. Who is not blessed in Nigeria? This seemingly innocuous question begs for an answer because not since the Europeans discovered the wealth of Africa has such greed driven wickedness been witnessed as has been visited on the people of the Niger Delta of Nigeria because of the discovery of crude oil in their lands and waters. Why these laser beams focus and fixation on a single resource?


Airborne Geophysical Survey

Index map of the airborne survey blocks flown between 2003 and 2010 for the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (electromagnetic surveys not shown). In the background is the Geological Map of Nigeria (NGSA, 2006).
Courtesy of the NGSA and PGW

Key Solid Mineral Deposits in Nigeria

It is safe to estimate gross under-capacity mining for each mineral in Table 2. According to the US Geological Survey Minerals Year Book 20005, part of Nigeria production of mineral commodities from 1996 to 1999 (detailed report at URL given below) is indicated as follows:

Solid Mineral 1996 (Metric Tonnes) 1997(Metric Tonnes) 1998(Metric Tonnes) 1999(Metric Tonnes)
Kaolin 102,078 100,000 110,000 110,000
Barite ---
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