Empowering Miners and Mining Rennaissance in Nigeria

Membership Categories & Fees

The following are the categorization of membership of miners empowerment and annual due payable by respective members:

Individual/Artisanal N 5,000
Student N 5,000
Small Scale N 10,000
Associate N 10,000
Medium Scale N 15,000
Corporate/ Large Scale N 25,000
Honorary NIL

All first payment must be made at the point of issuance of membership certificate and subsequent annual payment must be made January of every year.

Our membership is open to:
The Miners Empowerment is the major representative and lobbying body for all categories of Nigerian and mining affiliate carrying out the business of mining in Nigeria.

Membership is open to all individuals, artisans, small scale miners, medium scale miners, large scale miners, mining explorers and companies operating in the resources sector or its allied industries.
Fill out an online application HERE! or
Download an application form here!membership application fill out and Submit Here!

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