Empowering Miners and Mining Rennaissance in Nigeria


  • To search, prospect, win, mine, quarry, dispose of and deal in minerals and mineral substances of every kind
  • To arrange in the processing and manufacturing of metals, metallic products, chemicals, cement and precious stones and gemstones
  • To seek, promote and operate schemes in collaboration with Nigerian government in a manner conducive to the balanced regional development of various parts of the nation.
  • To develop consultancy services in the field of mining, quarrying, procession, dressing, refining and other and act as consulting engineers and geologist


  • To promote & operate schemes for development of minerals in any State of Nigeria and to prepare & get prepared reports, blue prints, statistics and other information.
  • To enter any partnership or arrangement for joint working in business, sharing of prophets, pooling of any production unit & joint venture.
  • To provide technical assistance to other Government agencies/ departments/ private entrepreneur in matters pertaining to geology, mining & related subjects.
  1. Fertilizer plant, refractory unit based on dolomite deposits.
  2. Calcium carbide manufacturing unit and cement plant based on Tidding, Hunli & Pangin limestone.
  3. Gasification & cooking plants based on coal deposits of Kharsang (Namchik - Namphuk) area.
  4. Refractory, pencil, abrasives manufacturing units based on graphite deposits.
  5. Cutting & Polishing units of decorative and building stones like granite, granodiorite, marble, and gemstones.
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