Empowering Miners and Mining Rennaissance in Nigeria


  • Remoteness of the mineral deposits from consumption centers resulting in prohibitive transport cost.
  • Complete lack of infrastructure and high cost of infrastructural development.

    • Make value addition by setting up mineral-based industries, benefaction plants etc. in the vicinity of mineral reserves to set off high transport cost of raw mineral.
    • Tie-up with normal infrastructural development programs of PWD, RWD, Industries Dept. Etc., Power & transport subsidy.
    • Invitation to Private entrepreneur & other Government agencies for joint venture.
    • Adoption of ecologically friendly mining methods and post mining reclamation measures.
    • The concept is cross-cutting and embraces all segments of society, from individuals to groups, from rural communities to cities, among women through youth groups to the elderly in our societies. A holistic poverty alleviation strategy must be involved to cater for all categories of able men and women with the State.

      Minerals play vital role in the development of any country as they are backbone of the Industries. Rocks and Minerals also form important source materials for construction purposes. Hence it is essential that these mineral treasure of the state are identified and assessed so that their precise industrial utility is decided.

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